Give the Gift of Connections

Reach out and touch someone.”  

“These are the moments of your life.” 

How many of you remember these famous advertising slogans from the 1970’s?  I can still remember those commercials. Human connection – it’s an emotion and a need that is hardwired into our psyche.  Most of us strive for meaningful relationships with family and friends throughout our lives. And social connection is important not only for our personal happiness, but also for our overall health and well-being.

gift_connectRelationships are easier to maintain and nurture when we can spend time together regularly.  But today, it can be challenging for family members to travel to spend time together.  In an increasingly transient society, many people are geographically separated from loved ones. Daily life can be hectic. Because we are so busy with our jobs, our households, and the day-to-day grind, our relationships may suffer. But modern technology has made it possible for us to nurture relationships and stay connected, regardless of distance.

Computers continue to expand on the communication technologies once reserved for mediums such as print photography, television, radio, and telephone. Today we can share photos digitally, talk virtually face to face with video chats, and send letters and messages via email. This ability to connect with the world via the internet has expanded our capability to communicate beyond what we could previously only imagine, giving us a global connection to the world and 24-7 access to news and information.

For me, the value of remotely visiting with my parents using video chat is immeasurable.  When they first got their Telikin computer, they were living 1000 miles away from my siblings and me. Talking to my parents face to face, seeing them smile as they chatted with the grandchildren was priceless.  It made me miss them just a little less.  Certainly, being there in person would have been ideal, but connecting digitally was the next best thing.  Happily, Mom and Dad moved closer to me last year.  But we still video chat and share pictures and email in addition to our weekly in-person visits.

I believe that sharing the gift of time with someone is the most valuable gift you can give. With whom do you want to connect today?  Is there someone in your life who is missing out on the benefits of connections because they live too far away and are not using a computer to help bridge that gap?  Keeping friends and families connected is not only our tagline, it is our mission. Here at Telikin, we are in the connection business — making computer use easy and enjoyable, so that communicating with others is also easy and enjoyable.

Many of you reading this probably have your own stories to share about how computer technology has changed the way your families communicate.  Please share your story in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

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