Pew Research study indicates many seniors are still reluctant to go digital

Pew Research study indicates many seniors are still reluctant to go digital – A recent Pew Research Internet study: Older Adults and Technology Use published findings last April that should come as no surprise: Those aged 65 and over, on average, lag the rest of the U.S. population in adopting new technologies into their daily lives.

Even though U.S. seniors who access the internet — now 60% — grew by six percentage points over last year ‘s statistics, according to the study, the wiser among us still trail the 86% of all adults who state that they engage in online activity.iStock_000009129801Large

Here at Telikin, we are aware of the challenges the senior community faces when deciding whether or not to step foot into the digital world. And regardless if you or a loved one have a physical ailment that limits your use of a traditional computer or you simply are intimidated by the learning curve that must be overcome in order to learn how use and enjoy a computer, you can rest assured that we have gone to great lengths to design a computer with you in mind.

Of those whom the study surveyed, two of the major reasons cited for aversion to new technologies among the elderly were physical challenges to using new digital devices and the need of assistance in learning how to use high-tech products and digital services.

“23% of older adults indicate that they have a ‘physical or health condition that makes reading difficult or challenging,’” the study states.

By default, Telikin touch-screen computers and laptops display text in an extra-large format, thus removing the headache associated with reading emails and surfing the Web on a traditional PC or Mac.telikin_touch

Additionally, Telikin computers are equipped with a digital magnifying glass. So a simple touch of the user’s finger enlarges any part of their screen by a factor of up to four times its original size.

Pew Research also found that 77 percent of all those surveyed expressed that they would not feel comfortable learning how to use new technologies and digital services without some sort of assistance.

Telikin has always understood this finding as an issue for the computer novice. Our U.S. based Customer Support team has developed an artful method of simplifying complex technical terms into easy-to-understand instructions that improves a user’s ability to retain computer knowledge.

Whether it is setting up your email, Facebook, or Skype accounts so you can stay in touch with friends and family or that you simply have a technical question concerning the navigation of your computer, our respectful, caring, and understanding Customer Support team is here to assist you for as long as you own your Telikin computer.

Telikin computers also allow, with your permission, a member of our Support team or even a friend or family member to access your computer, where he or she will see in real time your computer’s display so that you can easily explain and troubleshoot your issue. And using our large print instruction manual and built in video tutorials, you can quickly reference information if you have questions.

The computer’s large navigation buttons, which always stay locked on the screen, make accessing your favorite software and documents a more intuitive process and eliminates many of the frustrations associated with disappearing desktops and other nuances caused by traditional computers.

Finally, the Pew survey found that seniors currently online have integrated using the internet into their daily activities on a regular basis and find that its use has had a positive impact on their lives.

“Fully 79% of older adults who use the internet agree (47% strongly) with the statement that ‘people without internet access are at a real disadvantage because of all the information they might be missing’” it says. “And 94% agree (77% strongly) with the statement that ‘the internet makes it much easier to find information today than in the past.’”

Here at Telikin we have taken the science out of computer science and have designed a product that our customers can master with minimal effort. If you are finally ready to embark into the digital world and stay better connected to those you love, contact a member of our Sales team at 1-800-230-3881. We would love to show you just how easy computing can be.

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