Engage Resident

Stay Connected

Our goal at Telikin is to make communication and therapy technologies more usable and engaging with a product designed specifically for senior citizens. With electronics becoming increasingly central to society and the human experience, it is imperative for older adults to participate in computer use in order to maintain their independence and effectively stay in touch with others.


Never Miss a Game

  • Stay in touch with simplified video chat and email applications

  • Face-to-face video interactions can be powerful for individuals with difficulty hearing or speaking

  • Send and share your photographs and videos with three touches


Favorite Features at your Fingertips

  • Navigate to favorite websites in seconds

  • Keep your photo albums more organized and permanent

  • One-touch access to preferred news sources


One Touch

  • Call into our American-based tech support team for patient, encouraging guidance

  • Overt interface specifically designed for older adults

  • Telikin facilitates the ability to sustain relationships while taking into account numerous challenges that a user may have