Enhance and Measure Engagement

Create Group and Individualized Activity Plans

With the Adaptive Care Enrichment System (ACES), your staff and residents have access to a comprehensive library of stimulating group and individual activities. Tailor content to individual tastes while tracking progress and achievements. Residents and staff can look forward to new content on a monthly basis.

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Progress is Tracked and Measured

  • Create personalized activities at appropriate levels

  • Provide a mental challenge to improve cognitive vitality

  • Keep a record of residents’ progress and computer usage over time

  • Simplify care conferences with statistical reports and demonstrate measured improvements through graphical data tracking


Getting Started is Easy!

  1. Assign modules to a user, creating their activity plan

  2. Watch residents have fun

  3. Monitor their progress

  4. Measure outcomes and interpret data


Measurable Outcomes are Easily Tracked

  • “Modules” are groups of activities centered around one specific topic of interest, such as sports, animals or food

  • Large library of activities

    • Customize activity plan to individual tastes and abilities

  • Document and highlight progress and achievements

  • Look forward to fresh content every month

  • A module consists of eight different trivia categories relative to cognitive abilities

    • Variety of memory games, word searches, photo puzzles